Top 679 Reviews From Legit AutoZone Buyers (2024)

Manassas Virginia AutoZone # 1137. I have recently needed the assistance of AutoZone in Manassas Virginia in the late evening and they were there to help me with my problem and they were very helpful not one but twice in about 2 weeks. This AutoZone was once a 24/7 store. Covid changed that and currently, they are open till midnight. This is a lifesaver.

About 2 weeks ago, one of my headlights went out and I went to the store in Manassas 7807 Sudley Rd. The store had a fair amount of employees in there as the Truck was coming in and they needed all hands on deck. I was surprised to see several women in there as well the men. I went over to the books they have to look up things and someone said it would be faster to go to the front to have one of the associates assist with the computer look-up. I went over to the counter and a lovely lady helped me pick a better light for my car as well as an engine filter and cabin filter. I expressed I had just come off of having some shoulder surgery and even though I had healed, certain movements were a bit awkward for me.

Once I found the proper items I was looking for, I asked if she could help me by putting the light in. She without a hesitation said she would be glad to help. She herself was a mechanic for the past 3 years. As she was putting on her gloves to help me, the manager Alexander G. came over as we were talking and she stated she was going to help me with putting my light in as I was showing her some pictures of my fixed shoulder with all the lovely metal and screws... I purchased about $100.00 or so of parts and he all of the sudden said he would give me a %20 discount due to my show and tell of my shoulder? I told him that was so nice but he didn't have to do that and he said, "No that is fine, we are glad to help." I was amazed at that offering.

The young lady went out to put in my new lights and we noticed that the light that was out was a little loose and when she touched it, it came on. She told me I could get my money back for the light, but I told her to please just change both out as what I got was a brighter light and better for seeing. The light was being a little pesky and wouldn't come out and nicely as she thought so he went back in the store to get another person to assist. He was supporting his teammate and they were able to get the light in and out very quickly. I was very pleased and thanked them for their time and help. They genuinely really wanted to help and were very pleasant.

Tonight I had an issue with my car being fubared when I went through a car wash and then went to cleaning it up on the inside. When I was ready to leave the carwash, my car wouldn't start and the dashboard was lit up, I had the car wash people jump-start me and I went directly back to Autozone for them to test my battery. Again this was about 10 PM. I walked in and saw the same manager there and asked them if they can check to see if my battery was good. Alexander G said, "Of course we can, we can run some other things for you as well." He used his machine and it came back that my starter is starting to go bad, but going to a mechanic to verify would be in order to confirm for sure.

He gave me a price on Autozone starters and the fact that I would get 40 dollars back If I bring the starter to them if I bought from them so they could recycle. He also spoke with my dad on the phone about a service where they work with someone who is a mobile mechanic to come to me and they have a commercial account with Autozone and gave me the number to call should I use them and the printed out the starters as well. I was impressed on the professionalism he had and he wasn't trying to sell me something, only giving me options and was very pleasant and happy to assist me as well as the other customers that were in the store at that time. In the background, I could hear an automatic voice stating that someone had ordered something that they needed to pick off the floor and the other people jumped right on it to prepare.

I am very pleased with the service I got and how they helped me especially late in the evening. It is hard to find a group of people who are sincerely like this and this makes a world of a difference for customers like me, especially a woman and they treated me with respect and didn't approach me like they were going to pull the wool over my eyes just to make the sale. I will recommend this place to my friends should they need help at any time.

Top 679 Reviews From Legit AutoZone Buyers (2024)


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